By Studiogym

Training is comparable to cooking: you need quality ingredients, exact quantities, and the right recipe. This article will help you choose the number of sets and reps you need to cook up the perfect training program for you.

The number of sets and repetitions for your training program

The number of sets depends on the experience of the individual and on the method of training. For example, a beginner should start with a program containing exercises that have 2 or 3 sets to complete. On the other hand, an experienced person in the training room may perform training programs that contain exercises with dozens of sets. In any case, it is important to train by increasing the number of sets gradually. In terms of training methods, some of them favour a better development when the routine contains at least 4 sets, as in the case of muscular strength.

The repetitions are directly linked to a percentage of the maximum load (see the 1RM calculator) and to a training method. It has been scientifically proven that goals such as muscle gain or muscle strength are best seen with a training program that includes a precise number of repetitions. For example, muscular hypertrophy and a training method that combines repetitions between 8 and 12. According to the 1RM percentages chart, its numbers refer to _ and __ as a percentage of 1RM. It is therefore possible to find out the correct number of repetitions and the appropriate loads for each exercise if you know your 1RM.