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Though it is an essential complement to training, stretching is often underestimated or simply neglected. If you take the time to prepare protein shakes, then you can make time for stretching. Studiogym gives you a helping hand in choosing your stretching exercises wisely.

In everyday life and during your workouts, you are constantly contracting your muscles. This can lead to muscular tensions and poor posture, which can cause muscle and joint pain. In order to remedy this, you must stretch properly!

What types of stretching should you choose?

There are two main groups of stretches: static and dynamic stretching.

Scientific literature shows that static stretches are discouraged before exercise. In fact, they can increase the risk of injury. These stretches must therefore be performed after a session or during your rest days. When done after training, static stretching will aim to relax the muscles and the nervous system. It is recommended to perform these stretches while taking slow, deep breaths. This will increase your control on your muscles.
Here are some examples of static stretches:

Not convinced yet?

Stretching properly will allow for better recovery of muscle tissue which, again, will reduce the chance of injury during your training. In addition, it improves the muscular power of the athlete, allows better posture and reduces aches after a strenuous workout. Do not forget to include them in your exercise routine!

Here are 3 stretching routine you can found on

A text from: Guillaume LeBlanc kinesiologist & Jocelyn Goyer.