By Studiogym

Do you experience shoulder pain when scratching your back or performing other ordinary gestures? Some exercises can help and do not involve your doorframe.

Do you want to be able to increase your load on the bench press? And keep your shoulders healthy and strong?

If so, it would be beneficial to improve the mobility of your shoulders and to strengthen your rotator cuffs, muscular components found at shoulder level that are comprised of 4 muscles (subscapularis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor), essential for rotations.

Furthermore, the rotator cuff also helps to stabilize the shoulder. In fact, greater joint stability and better shoulder mobility allow for better force during the bench press and reduce the risk of injury.

To work the rotator cuffs, it is a good idea to train with resistance bands, or a pulley because it exerts a constant tension.

Studiogym suggests 2 exercises that you can do daily to strengthen the rotator cuff:

Here are 2 stretching exercises that you can do with a bar to improve mobility: