By Studiogym

If you’re wondering if supersets are where superhero movies are shot, this article just might surprise you. Discover what’s so special about them and how to find the perfect match for you.

Supersets consist of combining two exercises without taking any rest. They have several benefits, such as reducing training time and increasing heart rate. It is also possible to combine 3 exercises in a row (triple-sets), and even 4 exercises (often called giant-sets). Supersets can be made to work the same muscle region, agonist muscles, or antagonistic muscles. Studiogym suggests combinations of exercises that will maximize your training.

Same muscle area

Do the narrow grip barbell bench press, an exercise that you can load on the weight to work your triceps. Then, without rest time, move on to the one-dumbbell kickback on bench exercise, perfect for improving tricep definition.

Agonist muscles

The pronated dumbbell press mainly involves the pectorals and the seated dumbbell overhead elbow extension mainly works the triceps.

Antagonistic muscles

Combine the dip, using parallel bars, with the standing supinated dumbbell curl. This antagonistic combination involving the triceps and the biceps will enhance your potential for muscular gains.

The only notable disadvantage to the superset is the fact that it is difficult to use loads as high as in normal sets, because of the fatigue from the first exercise. In addition, you must prepare your equipment before starting a superset in order to benefit from the minimum rest time between exercises.