Your Spotter, Your Bodyguard

By Studiogym

Since two heads are better than one and four arms are better than two, ensure that you have your bodyguard while you are doing bench presses (spots), weightlifting, or bar squats. Learn the basic principles of the spotter's role, discover why it is important and safer to have a spotter, and why they are the only person who you want to have behind you!

Assistance lifting, commonly referred to as a spotter, is a human aid mainly applied during lifts with heavy loads, or during the last few repetitions. Having a spotter allows for increased safety and even for the lifter to feel more confident.

However, there is a risk of injury for the spotter, especially if they are not experienced in spotting someone. It is important to ensure that you use a spotter, especially during complex exercise such as the barbell back full-squat:

It is not advised to spot weightlifting motions such as push jerks.